What Talents Generator Factory (TGF) is?

Talents Generator Factory (TGF) is an initiative dedicated to the development of new audiovisual products from upcoming and established professionals in the audiovisual field which is based on the experience developed during several years at Talents and Short Film Market.
TGF offers various developing programmes in the form of workshops made in collaboration with various partners and institutions in several locations around Europe and online.
You can find out more about TGF programmes on our dedicated page here.

Who is TGF for?

TGF is mostly dedicated to filmmakers, creative producers, screenwriters -regardless of their degree of experience in the field – aiming to work on and develop their upcoming audiovisual projects: from short to feature films, from animation to extended reality.
TGF offers a variety of programmes tailored for the needs of various professionals in the audiovisual field.

When is TGF scheduled?

TGF activities take place at different times during the whole year. Each programme we offer feature its own schedule.
You can find out more about TGF programmes on our dedicated page here.

Where is TGF located?

TGF activities are located both onsite and online, depending on the programme. Each programme features its own structure. Some are entirely taught online, while others offer both online and onsite training.
You can find out more about the structure of TGF programmes on our dedicated page here.

How do I apply to one of TGF activities?

The application process for TGF activities varies depending on the programme of choice.
What’s the Story? workshops are usually dedicated to a group of participants coming from specific locations and countries, while other programmes are open to participants from all other the world.
You can find out more about each application process for TGF programmes on our dedicated page here.

Why do you have such a weird name?

Good question! For the answer just click on each following word.




Do you have more questions?

For further information please send and email to mn@tsfm.it