What's The Story? Festival La Cabina (2023)

Location: Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain
Period: 02.10-06.10.2023
Tutors: Massimiliano Nardulli, Gonzalo G. Lobato
Partner: Festival La Cabina

Since the year 2008, the International Medium-length Film Festival La Cabina brings the best 30 to 60 minute cinema to the city of València. The Festival has been continuously celebrated since its inception, growing in sections, activities and international impact. La Cabina offers three different medium-length sections: Official Section, including fiction films; Amalgama, including non-fiction and new filmic language movies, and Inédits, including medium-length films recovered from the past. Additionally, it offers Visuals, a meeting point for live music and audiovisual projections. La Cabina presents a young, fresh and innovative festival with a diverse audience that has become established in the city of València year after year. Following new trends in cinematographic culture, La Cabina stands out due to its sustainable growth, distinct dynamism and a qualitative development.

What is it?

What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is an intensive five-day short film development writing workshop – part of the new Talents Generator Factory initiative promoted by Talents and Short Film Market (TSFM) in collaboration with Festival La Cabina.

The workshop is led by two experienced tutors and will require active participation and a mindset open to collaboration from all participants. The work will be conducted both in class during the face-to-face hours and in between the meetings, with specific tasks and assignments to be accomplished for the following day.

At the end of the workshop, two participants will be picked by the tutors and invited to take part in another workshop happening during Talents and Short Film Market vol. 8 from November 27th to 30th 2023 in Torino, Italy. The second event will be focused on the feasibility and production of the developed projects and it will be concluded with a co-production pitching session and a series of one-on-one sessions with film professionals. The second workshop does not include any registration fees for participants. Accommodation will be provided by TSFM. Travel costs will be covered by each participant.

Who is it for?

What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is open to up to eight selected filmmakers – film directors, screenwriters – who will work together in order to kickstart their respective storylines for an upcoming short film.

Only filmmakers living or born in Spain with a perfect knowledge of the Spanish language can apply.

When is it scheduled?

What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is scheduled to take place from Monday October 2nd to Friday October 06th 2023.

Where is it located?

What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is scheduled to take place in Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain.

What language will be used?

The main language of What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina will be Spanish.

The submitted documents for the selection process of the participants must be in Spanish.

The text materials will be translated into English and participants must be fluent in English.

Who are the tutors?

What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina tutors will be Massimiliano Nardulli and Gonzalo G. Lobato.

How do I apply?

Applications to What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina can only be submitted via the official submission form at this link:


When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions to What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is set on Friday July 14th 2023.

How much does it cost?

The submission fee to What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is free of charge.

The participation fee to What’s The Story? Festival La Cabina is 150 €. The fee could be waived by presenting unemployment certificate paper.

Festival La Cabina will provide accommodation, breakfast and a lunch per day for all the selected participants. No travel expenses will be covered.

Do you have more questions?
For further information please send and email to:

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