A long way home 2024

What is A Long Way Home?

A Long Way Home is an online workshop for kickstarting upcoming feature film projects based on (or inspired by) a previously released short film. Working collectively and individually on projects, guided by a tutor experienced in story development, in a limited period of time, can offer the necessary push to carry out a difficult task such as turning an existing short film into a feature film.

For further information about the open call, the structure or the working methodology of A Long Way Home please send an email to info@talentsgeneratorfactory.com

Based on a mix of collective sessions with international working groups, and individual one-to-one sessions with the assigned tutor, over a period of 5 months, A Long Way Home offers the possibility of finding the best development for your feature film and to have valuable guidance for all phases of the project, including applications for funding or workshops, pitching, production, filming, and post-production.

One working group is formed by 3-4 participants and is put together by the TGF artistic team. The working language is English.

To apply to A Long Way Home the following elements are required: The short film on which the development of the project is based, a letter of motivation, a director’s and/or screenwriter’s note. The application is free. All accompanying documents must be submitted in English. Submitted short films can be in any language. The submitted short film MUST have embedded English subtitles if the film is in a language other than English. The text materials of the selected feature film project will be written in English. The developed feature film can be in any language.

A Long Way Home online workshop is exclusively dedicated to directors and/or screenwriters, from any country of the world, that are in need of support and guidance for kickstarting the writing of a feature film project based on or inspired by a previously completed short film.

A Long Way Home online workshop sessions are scheduled in the months of July, August, September, October, November and December 2024. The exact dates and time for each session will be agreed between selected participants with their respective tutors via email.

A Long Way Home tutors are professionals whose expertise span both the short and feature film circuits. Moreover the tutors have years of experience in assisting and mentoring new talents. Please check our tutors’ page on our TGF website.

In order to take part in the selection process of A Long Way Home applicants are required to send an email with the requested material to : XXX XXX XXX

Register Mandatory regulations:

The upcoming feature film project must be based on or inspired by an already completed short film

The submitted short film on which the feature film project is based should NOT EXCEED 59 minutes in length

The submitted short film MUST have embedded English subtitles if the film is in a language other than English

Submitted short films MUST be provided as a password protected Vimeo link.

There is a singular deadline for submitting a complete application to A Long Way Home. The regular deadline is scheduled on Sunday June 15th 2024 at 23:59 CEST

The A Long Way Home submission fees are free of charge.

The participation fee for the online workshop is 650,00 € (+ VAT, if due) per individual. The sum is payable before the beginning of the online workshop via bank transfer only.

Applicants will receive a selection or rejection notice via email by June 24th 2024.

All participants are required to attend each one of the scheduled online workshop sessions if selected.