Our consultancy service is aimed at all those directors and screenwriters who want to develop their project followed by a tutor in individual and tailor-made sessions. We have tutors available for any kind of project (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, TV series, video games) and the artistic direction of TGF will propose the most suitable profile for each project. 

The costs and duration of our consultancy service are variable and dependent on the nature of the project itself.

The final aim is to help the director/screenwriter in the different stages of the creative process, satisfying his artistic needs and desires. For more information and to discover our service in detail write to:


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With expertise in filmmaking, production, and screenwriting, they offer personalized mentorship to nurture emerging talent.



I was born in Milan, on 15/10/78. I graduated as video editor at the Civic School of Cinema of Milan in 2001. In the following 22 years I worked in the Italian audiovisual industry. Among my most significant works: best Italian mainstream video clip with L’eroe of Caparezza in 2008. Art director for the docufilm The wrong side of the bridge (2006) and Il suono instabile della libertà (2010). Teacher of audiovisual language (University of Perugia, with Fernando Solanas, 2007 / University of Sacro Cuore of Brescia, 2009). Audiovisual workshop manager at Italian School of Bucharest, (Romania 2023-2024).

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Italian, Romanian

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Fiction, Documentary, Experimental


IVAN BAKRAC (Montenegro)

I was born in 1987 in Montenegro. I’m currently based in Belgrade (Serbia) where I graduated from the MA degree in Film Directing. My films participated in many international festivals and won awards and I participated in various programs such as Berlinale Talents, Talents Sarajevo and Zurich FF Academy. My debut feature After the Winter was premiered at the Karlovy Vary IFF. Since 2017, I have also worked as a festival programmer and script consultant. I’m programming for the Free Zone Film Festival in Belgrade, Drim Short Film Festival in Struga (North Macedonia) and I’m a part of the selection committee at the Network of the Festivals in the Adriatic Region. I also used to be a programmer at the Montenegro Film Festival Herceg Novi. Since 2021, I’ve been a member of the European Film Academy.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Ex-Yug languages




In my writing and filmmaking I am interested in complex relationships, the subconsciousness of the human being and the exploration of communication – verbal or nonverbal – with each other, our society and surrounding. Every one of my writing processes and films means a new search. In 2018 I graduated from Film University in Munich. My short films Fou de Toi and The fantasy is a fleeing animal were shown at international film festivals. I have written and co-written several feature projects, as well as supported projects as a script consultant. In accompanying directors in their search for writing I see my responsibility in guiding them to the core of the movie, the most honest way to tell it and to approach the characters. As I lived parts of my life in Brazil, France, Uruguay, Russia and the US, I feel naturally drawn to international projects with different influences. Today I live in Berlin.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, French, German, Spanish

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Experimental, Fiction, Documentary

Copia fișierului Yönetmen_Nazlı Elif Durlu_Fotoğraf-Muhsin Akgün 02-min


I was born in Ankara, Turkey. I studied Film&TV in the Netherlands and received my master’s degree from the University of Utrecht. I am working as a screenwriter for TV series and feature films in Turkish, Dutch and for American Production companies.  In 2010, I worked on the omnibus Do  Not  Forget  Me Istanbul, in which Hany Abu-Assad shot the story I wrote. My first feature film Zuhal premiered in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in 2021 and won the Best Actrice Award at Antalya Film Festival in 2021 and Best Screenplay, Best First Film and Best Editing at Istanbul Film Festival in 2022. I also teach film reading and directing at the Istanbul Bilgi University Film-TV Department.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: Turkish, English, Dutch




I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the UC3M in Madrid, I also did the master’s in film business and marketing from the ESCAC (Film School of Catalonia), of which I am now a professor. I have been dedicating myself to cinema for more than 10 years. I do marketing strategies for the release of films such as Robot Dreams by Pablo Berger (nominated for an Oscar in 2024), As Bestas by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, (Winner of the Goya in 2023) Mediterráneo by Marcel Barrena, Oswald, el Falsificador by Kike Maíllo, Ane by David Pérez Sañudo among others. I also teach marketing classes at ESCAC and I’m tutor of the Talents Generator Factory program. When I have time, I also produce documentary podcasts.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: Spanish, French

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Fiction, Documentary, Animation.



I have studied literature in university (MA in French and English modern literature) and I have worked in opera and theater companies as a stage-manager and set-builder. This experience has confirmed my vocation: I want to create and help others create WORLDS where we can try to make sense of this one. In 2004, I became a street-performer with a puppet-company (The Pirate-Puppet Company). We have traveled around Europe for more than 10 years. Later, I decided to focus on cinema as a writer-director. And since 2014, thanks to my experience as a puppeteer and story-teller, I became a script-writing consultant. I enjoy being told stories and being taken in different worlds so helping others give birth to their project is very exciting and important to me. I strongly believe that stories actually help shape the world. In this perspective, both in my own creative process and in my work as a creative-consultant, I am a dedicated and enthusiastic student of Ursula Le Guin’s “Carrier-bag theory of fiction”. TAROT also plays a big part in my world and I have been developing -for the last 20 years- different techniques of story-telling, ideas exploration, script-development and even pitch-training with the help of Tarot Cards. I write and direct my own films, with a special interest in animation and stereoscopic 3D.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, French, Spanish, Breton

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Animation, Experimental, Fiction, Video Games

Ella Kohn-min

ELLA KOHN (Israel)

I was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1990. I served as a Military Photographer in the Israeli Defense Forces. My military service inspired me in creating the short film Who Sank Your Ships?. I am currently developing my first feature film, which is also based on my time in the army, as well as a short, animated project produced by Academy Award Nominee Kobi Mizrahi. I hold a MA in film studies from The Steve Tisch School of Film, Tel Aviv University, and I work as a director, editor, and animator. Presently, I am also part of the Talents Generator Factory as a tutor. I was a member of the selection committee for The European feature film development program LIM (Less Is More). Location-independent, I work remotely from different destinations around the world.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Hebrew

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Animation, Experimental, Fiction



I’m an architect, filmmaker and script consultant from Madrid. Currently, I’m a tutor at TorinoScriptLab and Less is More main programs. Since 2017, I have combined my film practice with my work as a script consultant and mentor in script development workshops like Locarno Open Doors, Less is More and European Writers Club. Besides that, I had designed script development programs for the International Co Production Forum of Madrid and the Netflix-Spanish Film Academy Campus. I made my first short film in Indonesia in 2012. This film granted me a scholarship to study at DOCNOMADS, a MA International program in film directing based in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. I completed my education studying scriptwriting at San Antonio de Los Baños Film School in Cuba (EICTV). My films have received national and international awards, including the Goya academy award 2015, New Horizons 2017, and recently the Grand Prix at Warsaw IFF 2022 with my last short film Ponto Final. My works also did festivals such as Rotterdam IFFR, DOK Leipzig and Sarajevo. I also collected other skills from my previous life, like speaking Indonesian, working as a humanitarian architect on climate disasters and emergencies, and the art of cultivating, harvesting and building with bamboo.   

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Spanish

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Documentary, Experimental, Fiction



Born in Rome in 1976. Since more than 15 years I was working as programmer, curator, artistic director for festivals around Europe (Brest European Short Film Festival, Arcipelago, NexT, Timishort, Tirana IFF, IF Istanbul, Amérique Latine Biarritz, Lakino, etc.) I am currently head of talents of the European Script Lab Less Is More, and I was one of the founder members of Talents and Short Film Market (TSFM) and Fulgor Lab. I co-created the scriptwriting workshops Word-Frame & What’s The Story? and I have been tutoring projects of short and feature films for several years now. I am also in charge of the selection and of the D&P Training at ShorTS Festival in Trieste. I teach low-budget script writing at UNATC, Romania and I am an awarded music composer for film (Gopo Award and UCIN award 2019). I smoke pipe and I speak with my hands.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Animation, Experimental, Fiction



I am a screenwriter and director based in Athens, graduated from the School of Fine  Arts, department of Cinema Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and with a master’s degree in Screenwriting and Directing at the Pantheon/Sorbonne Paris I University. I was a writer and director for the mini-series The Bridge (ANT1+, 2022) and a unit director for the series The Witch (ANT1, 2023). My personal projects include short films Homo Perfectus, Génération Perdue?, Mary wants a purple dress. I work as a screenwriting coach and consultant in one on ones as well as in various workshops (Word-Frame, ALWH, MFI, LIM). I am an ecstatic dancer and an unexceptional but passionate collage maker.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, French, Greek, Italian.

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Documentary, Experimental, Fiction, TV Series.



I am a directress and screenwriter, originally from Jaffa, now based in Paris. I graduated with honors from the Sam Spiegel Film School in 2017, and since then directed a few short films, worked as a documentary directress for the Israeli digital national channel both in Arabic and Hebrew, and as a film lecturer in Minshar School of Arts and in the Visual Theatre School in Jerusalem. Currently I work as a script consultant at both Le Groupe Ouest and as a freelancer, while also developing my first feature film (in financing). I enjoy collaborating with new partners and have experience in both live-action and experimental projects. Apart from being a cinema junkie, I’m an enthusiastic football fan.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, French, Hebrew, Arabic

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Documentary, Fiction, Experimental



I am a Bucharest based director and screenwriter. I have a BA and a MA degree in film and television directing at Bucharest’s National University of Theatre and Film (UNATC). In 2020 I completed a PhD on low budget cinema at the same university.  I have written and directed 12 shorts and 3 feature films, among which Stuck on Christmas (2010), Love Building (2013), Dying from a Wound of Love (2014), Breaking News (2016). In 2018 I made my theater debut with the multimedia show Neverland, which I wrote and directed. In 2020 I directed six of the eight episodes of the HBO produced series Ruxx. In 2023 I directed my first documentary feature, Playback, centered around the Romanian discos during communist times.  Since 2009 I am also actively involved in cultural management (through Control N, the cultural NGO I have co-founded) and film education having worked with amateur filmmakers, children, ethnic minorities, inmates and drug addicts. Until 2023 I was a permanent lecturer at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest, where I taught screenwriting for over 10 years.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Romanian


EV_Dec_2020_Portrait_Photo Copy Elodie Cavallaro-min


I was born in Italy in 1981. Currently I am a member of the selection committee of Pardi di Domani at the Locarno Film Festival and of the selection committee of LIM – Less Is More, and the artistic head of the programme of MASO. After a degree in screenwriting at Centro Nazionale di Cinematografia – Scuola Nazionale di Cinema and a master’s degree in history of Cinema at the University of Bologna, I have been working in film festivals and markets since 2010, in particular collaborating with the Venice Film Festival and TSFM, which I co-founded in 2016. I also co-founded Varicoloured, a holistic short film agency, in 2018, Talking Shorts, an online film magazine dedicated to short films, in 2020 and Talents Generator Factory, a company dedicated to the development of new audiovisuals by emerging and established professionals, in 2022. In 2021, I became a member of the European Film Academy.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Italian, Spanish

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Fiction



I’m a 1993 narrative and concept consultant across media based in Rome-Italy, with a formal education in both filmmaking and game design. I’m passionate and informed about Philosophy and psychology and interested and active in any narrative media. My influences and references span from classic literature to comics, theater, games, philosophical and psychological essays, feature films, short films, animation, stand-up, modern and contemporary art, and pop culture in general. I’m always curious and fascinated by new ideas and concepts and the ways to express them. I’ve worked on high and low-budget audio-visual production in different capacities, but my main focus is on consulting about the creative process of writing and the artistic aspects of production and realization for independent arthouse projects that try to express a unique and original vision. My approach is based on exploring and questioning the subject matter of your concept depending on the stage it is in and the means of production to determine the best process for developing it considering your needs and the possible target audience or market. I like to work with passionate authors with strong ideas and convictions, who are determined to explore their concepts deeply and see their vision through to the end by any means necessary.

LANGUAGES OF WORK: English, Italian

CONSULTANCY & SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT: Experimental, Fiction, Video Games

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