Almost Heroes

Aproape Eroi


Dragoș is returning from abroad to visit Vlad, his little brother who is celebrating his eighteen birthday. Not wanting to stay long, Dragoș will embark with Vlad in a journey of rediscoveries – his old neighborhood, Vampire, the lost childhood friend and the many things unsaid between them, Mari, an unfulfilled love and Alexander, a former sportsman who is waiting for a kidney transplant. “Almost Heroes” is an urban drama with a strong coming of age element, a story split in chapters and a generational portrait of the young Romanians born after 1990.
Bogdan Drumea is an aspiring screenwriter and director who currently lives in Bucharest. His filmography includes “Interference” (2014), “Dim Light” (2014) and “The Hoods” (2015). All of them can be found on the CINEPUB platform in the short films section. Bogdan has a keen interest for coming-of-age worlds and powerful stories of youth. He co-founded in 2017 a video production company called Matchbox Film and studies Screenwriting at UNATC Bucharest.
Erika Kapronczai graduated from the Film and Theater Art University (Budapest, Hungary) as film director in 2014. She was selected to participate in the Artist Residency Program of Galeri National Indonesia (Jakarta) and held an exhibition there. After being the Hungarian winner of the European Union application ’The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastik?’ in 2018 she co-created a public art installation Plastic Waste Labyrinth on one of Budapest’s main square to raise the attention to the plastic pollution of the seas. She has just finished her first feature length documentary film ‘KIM’ and she is taking care of first feature film projects as creative producer.