What’s the Story?

What’s The Story? is an intensive five-day short film development writing workshop – part of the new Talents Generator Factory initiative. The main purpose of the workshop is to boost the creative process of story development for short films in a limited amount of time and in a collective way.

To organize a What’s the Story? workshop in your city, region, state, get in touch with the TGF artistic team by writing to: info@talentsgeneratorfactory.com

The workshop is led by two experienced tutors and will require active participation and a mindset open to collaboration from all participants. The work will be conducted both in class during the face-to-face hours and in between the meetings, with specific tasks and assignments to be accomplished for the following day. The specific methodology used in the workshop allows a 360 degree vision on all aspects of the creation of an original story for short films that can have an important place in the international short film circuit, with a special focus on writing, but without neglecting cinematographic language, production, marketing, distribution strategy and access to relevant film markets and events.

At the end of the workshop two participants will be picked by the tutors and will be accompanied until the development of a solid first draft of the script.  The two selected participants will be also invited to take part in an industry event to pitch their projects. The participation in the event does not include any registration fees for participants and accommodation (B&B) will be provided by TGF. Travel costs will be covered by each participant.

What’s The Story? is open to filmmakers who work together in order to kickstart their respective storylines for an upcoming short film. The workshops are financed, organized and held in partnership with public institutions (film commissions, film centers, regional or national development offices), film festivals, cultural associations and/or private institutions and companies interested in developing a new generation of screenwriters/directors within a geographically limited territory defined in agreement with the TGF artistic team.

Mainly the What’s The Story? workshops aim to create a dynamic and active network of talented filmmakers who can promote the artistic and productive qualities and characteristics of the territory in which they work.